Life does not end because demen​tia begins,​ but not seeking a diagnosis will only 
m​ake life worse
Don't Delay Your Diag​nosis
Life does not end because demen​tia begins,​ but not seeking a diagnosis will only make life worse 

Life does not end because demen​tia begins, but not seeking a diagnosis will only make life worse 

Don't Delay Your Dia​​gnosis
Don't Delay Your Diag​​nosis

Why Should You Care About an Early Dementia Diagnosis?

Dementia is not a natural consequence o​f ageing

Not being aware of it and identifying it early can lead to devastating personal, social and national impacts

Some of the benefits of an early diagnosis are:

It delays progression of disease, especially in the early stages

It gives timely access to information, advice, and support

It maximises quality of life for patient and their caregiver

It allows for future planning especially emotional, financial, and legal matters

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What is Cogni.Dx?

Cogni.Dx is an electronic tool that is designed to collect comprehensive history and assessments in a remote, 
self-administered way, and provides 
instant diagnosis
to your care provider

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We Help

Older Adults

To receive timely diagnosis, reduce long waiting times, seek early treatment and support, and plan for their future

Primary Care Providers

To differentiate between dementia and delirium with high accuracy and
give genuine referrals to specialist clinics

Home Care Services

To get a cognitive & behavioural profile of patients to tailor care needs and implement safety measures

Pharmaceutical Companies

To identify patients in specific dementia subtypes to provide drug treatments and test new drugs for clinical trials



To identify patients in early stages for risk stratification, timely support and adequate treatment

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How Cogni.Dx Works in a Few Easy Steps

Latest News and Milestones

Pilot 3 - King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, KSA (2024)

Our third pilot will test 500 patients in a specialist clinic setting to see the accuracy of the diagnosis produced by Cogni.Dx against the blinded diagnosis of a dementia sub-specialist

Feasibility Study - Pacific University, Oregon, USA (2024)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of using Cogni.Dx as compared to paper-based assessments amongst 100 community-dwelling adults with no known neurocognitive diagnoses

Pilot 1 & 2 - King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, KSA (2020-2022)

We spent 2 Covid years researching, fine tuning and developing a fully functional version of our web-based tool and have tested our algorithm on 200 patients (157 retrospective patient histories and 43 face to face patients) and achieved a 97% accuracy rate (94% sensitivity, 99% specificity).

Cogni.Dx Conceptualised and Established - London, UK (2020)

Cogni.Dx was conceptualised in a prestigious venture builder programme under Zinc VC Ltd. and was shortlisted amongst 50 participants and chosen in the top 10 to have the most potential to succeed in adding years to later life


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